We bring brands and products to life on the web by creating interfaces and interactions that make sense. We learn to think like your users, and we seek to present information and actions where, and how, they look for them.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Content strategy provides the map and instructions for producing and maintaining valuable content, and is central to creating the connection between your business and your users. During CS, we add clarity and structure to your storytelling, setting the stage for  a logical user experience.

User Experience

During UX we combine user research, content strategy, design principles, and technical considerations to create a foundation and rationale for the overall interactive experience. A complex, variable, and highly customized series of exercises, UX serves to define points of interface and interaction, and to produce the blueprints for a meaningful user journey.

Interface Design

When most people think of website design, they’re thinking of UI design. Using content strategy, UX blueprints, and brand guidelines, we create a visual design for the website, product dashboard, or mobile app, and work with other teams to produce the content assets call for in the design.

Content Design

Now that we’re clear on the visual design, we can start to expand on your comprehensive interactive experience. This is where we begin to pair great UX design with additional components like motion, photography, videography, and copywriting.

The level of work from Focus Lab is just tremendous, and is literally changing the face of JibJab.

Jawsh Smyth, Lead Designer, JIbJab
Our Interactive work in action
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