We don't just create logos, we help our partners establish an all-encompassing brand experience. Cool factor is not the goal — we develop brand systems that will generate results and make for change.

Brand Strategy

All of our brand projects start with a strategy exercise. Our collaborative process aims at defining a foundation and rationale for your brand, and ensures that the design work is specific to your needs and those of your end user.

Visual Identity

The basic design elements you need to put your best face forward. This includes your core visual identity — logotype, mark, secondary typography, and color palette.

Additional Brand Assets

Additional Brand Assets

Once we’re clear on visual identity, we can start to expand on your comprehensive visual experience. This is where your brand may require additional elements like photography, iconography, illustration, motion, patterns, and more.

Verbal Identity & Guidelines

Without definitions of brand voice and tone, a brand experience could feel flat and unfinished. We dedicate time and process to defining voice and tone, and then we build out a custom communications style guide for your brand: a set of technical composition rules that anyone writing on behalf of your company can use to evoke your brand’s distinctive personality.

Brand Guidelines

This technical guide helps you live long in-brand. It includes specifications around sizing, distortion, whitespace, and usage. It will be an invaluable resource to designers and marketers on your team and ensure brand consistency and integrity over time.

I was skeptical about outsourcing something as core as our brand, but the success of this project and the partnership we developed with the Focus team has changed the way I think about working with agencies.

Jake Stein, CEO / Co-Founder, Stitch Data
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