Kellie Groover

People Operations Director

Kellie Groover, People Operations Director

Kellie is a genuine people-person and loves being part of a great team-driven culture.

From working at Walt Disney World, to architecture firm marketing coordinator, to assisting with TV, film, and music video production, Kellie’s exposure to different companies and industries gave her a solid base to build her career in people operations.

Kellie has an artistic background and originally pursued a degree in animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design, but eventually obtained a communications degree and drawing minor from Georgia Southern University. In addition to classical animation, Kellie has always been passionate about good communication, teamwork, and intentional culture.  She was thrilled to take on the role of People Ops Director at Focus Lab.

Some quick facts about Kellie: she’s a pop-culture queen, and being around movies her whole life by way of working at movie theaters, Blockbuster, and The Great Movie Ride at Disney has made her into a walking internet movie database. She’s fully indoctrinated into the Orangetheory Fitness cult as of 2018, and if you strike up a convo with her about it, she’ll invite you to a class. She loves competitive sports and will forever attempt to get the Focus Lab team to create a kickball team… the local crew has made it as far as a volleyball team #2016leaguechamps, just sayin’, Focus Lab is a great team on and off the field.

Kellie married her college sweetheart, Jay, and together they have two rambunctious little boys, Noah and Ethan, and two annoying yet lovable cats named Buddy and Belle. They like to spend their free time outside, taking the kids to Kellie’s old Disney stomping grounds, or staying in and introducing the kids to their favorite shows and movies.