Joshua Krohn

Design Director

Joshua Krohn, Design Director

Joshua Krohn took the scenic route to becoming a designer.

After a short stint studying music education, he spent a decade in the lighting industry–half of that in marketing communications. During that time he found his true passion and moonlighted for five years as a (mostly) self-taught designer.

Joshua cut his teeth in print design but soon realized that his love of design extended beyond the printed page. From designing pixels and print, to writing copy and code, he’s equally interested in all the details necessary to bring a brand to life.

Midwest-born but Southwest-raised, Joshua is back in the Midwest, a ten minute drive from the shores of Lake Michigan. He lives in Wisconsin with his amazing wife, Leah, and their cute-as-a-button daughter, Harper.

When he’s not designing or spending time with his family, Joshua enjoys a number of hobbies including songwriting, photography, reading, running, and playing chess.