Joshua Krohn

Design Director

Joshua Krohn, Design Director

Joshua Krohn took the scenic route to becoming a designer.

In a sort of full-circle moment, Joshua was Wisconsin-born, Phoenix-raised, and now calls Wisconsin home. Raised by parents steeped in music and fine art, Joshua naturally gravitated toward a life in the arts. He spent his youth drawing, reading, and figuring out how to play his mom’s guitar.

After a short stint studying music education — and a winding road through the lighting industry — Joshua ultimately found his love for graphic design. He joined Focus Lab in 2016 as a brand and interactive designer and now serves as Design Director.

Joshua proves that you don’t need a fancy design education or to live in a huge city to become a great designer. As a (mostly) self-taught designer, he believes you just need passion, initiative, and perseverance. He loves working on all things needed to bring a brand to life — from strategy and design to pixels and code.

His superpower is striving for excellence, whether it’s deep in the details or high at the 10,000-foot view. He brings empathy to every project, both in supporting his team and our client partners. He’s a strong believer that good ideas come from anywhere and that everyone is creative — even you.

Outside of Focus Lab, Joshua is a dedicated family man. You can find him running, playing board games, watching movies, reading, noodling at the piano, or selling paper products, often alongside his wife and two kids. And if it’s summer, they’re usually planning their next beach trip. Yes, Wisconsin has beaches.