Jessie Gilligan

CMS Developer

Jessie Gilligan, CMS Developer

var jessie = { unicorn: true, passion: "code", favFood: "cheese grits" }

Jessie Gilligan is one of a growing population of female developers, and the first one at Focus Lab.

Jessie’s a southern girl with a tech twist. She was born in Juliette, GA (home of the film Fried Green Tomatoes) and raised on a dirt road, riding horses and four-wheelers. Formerly a chemist, report writer, and IT analyst, her left brain has historically been taken care of, but her right side also craves exercise.

Jessie’s desire to create unique solutions for her clients led her to pursue a certification in web development from the Georgia Institute of Technology. During that time, it became apparent to Jessie that she wanted to code, and to do it in a cool space where the focus was on the team — the people. She’s drawn to the design, the team, the space, and the culture of Focus Lab: like meeting that friend you’re certain you knew in another life. Jessie’s love for full-stack web development makes her a great asset that can take on back-end code and front-end UI needs if necessary. Rolling her sleeves up and digging in is where she shines and thrives.

When Jessie is not coding, she can be found enjoying her family, working in the yard, summiting peaks, and running. Her daughter Caitlyn and husband Colin are the two most important people to her, and working in an environment that stimulates both sides of her brain makes her a better mom and wife.

She’s looking forward to more professional and personal fulfillment as her journey with Focus Lab continues — deepening her respect and appreciation for design and coding in a collaborative environment.