Erik Reagan

Partner, Chief Operations Officer

Erik Reagan, Partner, Chief Operations Officer

Chances are, if you’ve spoken to Erik Reagan for any length of time, you’ve heard him talk about his family.

His beautiful wife and kids are his world and it does not take long to discover that. He is a huge proponent of being intentional with time and keeping work at work. (His wife thinks that’s pretty cool.) By day, Erik steers the Focus Lab ship and claims it’s pretty easy to steer due to the amazing people on board. By night, well you’ll just have to read the bio for that part of the story.

If you had asked the high school version of Erik what he would be doing for a career, you would have heard something like rock star or studio producer. Music has long been an integral part of his life, and remains so today. In college, Erik studied music with the intention of becoming an educator and following in his parents’ footsteps. His predilection for technology won the career battle though, and he moved on to start Focus Lab.

Transitioning from musician, to developer, to entrepreneur, Erik has a variety of interests these days. What ties them all together, though, is a hunger to learn how and why things work. What was once “How does this chord progression work?” turned into “How does a dependable website get built?” and eventually became “What does it take to build a great company?”

When Erik isn’t at work, he’s probably chillin’ with his kids, his wife, his church, or a combination of the three. He's also enjoying the beginnings of a hobby in woodworking. If he’s not doing those things, there’s a really good chance he’s enjoying peace and quiet somewhere. He loves his peace and quiet.