Bill Kenney

Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Bill Kenney, Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Bill Kenney’s unyielding passion for design began at a young age but has developed and honed over his decade in the industry.

An advocate of clean, user-friendly design, Bill’s keen eye for detail has always defined his work. While his true passions are for branding and web design, his portfolio is not limited to a specific medium. The breadth of his designs has cultivated a deep understanding of the aesthetic requirements across media. Creativity, knowledge and experience inform all of his design decisions.

While design has always been his first passion, eight years of business ownership have taught Bill a great deal about management, communication and organization. The value of networking isn’t lost on him either. For that reason, Bill is very involved in the professional design community both locally and nationally as a mentor, a student, and a speaker. While always happy to lend advice to new designers, Bill also realizes there is a great deal to learn from his peers. These community relationships help Bill to continually improve.

At home, Bill spends massive amounts of time playing legos, video games, and playing baseball with his son. He has an impressive collection of vintage Star Wars figures, design prints, and nerd memorabilia displayed in the basement office of his New Jersey home.