Alicja Colon


Alicja Colon, Photographer

Alicja joined the Focus Lab team in 2012 as project manager extraordinaire.

An integral member of the design team, her photography eye identified key areas for creative growth. She was able to be involved in several projects from behind the lens of a camera. Until 2014, when she made the official switch from Focus Lab project manager to Focus Lab photographer.

Alicja Colon was immersed in design and business from an early age, owed to growing up in her father’s vinyl sign shop. After earning a BFA in graphic design, Alicja landed a job at a non-profit organization where she quickly realized that it was easier to create the photographic imagery that she needed than to find it. A passion was born.

Alicja first dabbled in creative photography in 2008. While living in Miami, her photography career and notoriety grew; she was featured in Bridal Magazine, among numerous wedding and editorial web publications.

In addition of her passion for family and photography, Alicja is completed by her service to others, whether at the food pantry where she regularly volunteers, or by leading a small group to help people build community.