There's a saying, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” It's a swift reminder that we are never alone or in a silo. Sidecar is about that very premise: leveraging community insights, experience, wisdom, and talent to achieve greater things through design. It's a learning resource and marketplace for design tools built for designers by designers. Sidecar applies industry experience, best practice takeaways, design and strategy methodology, and digital assets in service to the design community

The internet is overcrowded with sites offering assets and cheap tools to the design community. Our goal was to design an experience that felt more authentic. An online presence with real faces, real knowledge, and real value.

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We chose to keep the design simple across the board. With great photography and clear content, the products take the main stage. It was equally important to give attention to the industry knowledge captured in the journal as well as our mission.

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As with any CMS build, updating and managing the content is key. We leveraged Craft CMS to build a backend experience that allows any Sidecar team member to easily add new products, adjust pricing, and enter new journal entries within minutes. Although highly technical, it’s built with the end user in mind.

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Although the mission is greater than simply selling assets, the commerce portion of the website was extremely important to get right. We focused on keeping the shopping experience as painless as possible while focusing on the value of our products. Letting the work speak for itself was more important than a bunch of distracting content or sales tactics.

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