We Go Places: Creative South Speakers

By Bill Kenney

We’re pumped about speaking as a team at the Creative South Conference. Four of us will take the stage at this awesome design conference to talk about the moving parts that we’ve needed during our rapid growth over a three year trajectory.


Myself and my partner Erik Reagan will be joined by Matt Yow, Lead Brand Designer and Type Nerd, and Alicja Colon, Project Manager and Photographer—two of the earliest people to join our team of now 14.

Here is the synopsis for the panel:

Focus Lab was started in 2007 by Bill Kenney and Erik Reagan as a collective side job for the two. Three years later it had blossomed into a full time job and thus began the Focus Lab people know today. In the four years since, the company has grown and evolved in a number of ways. This panel takes four team members from Focus Lab and talks through points and questions about what moving parts have been needed in the company’s growth thus far.

For those of you who will be in attendance, we’re curious about what you’re curious about us. What would you like to know about the Focus Lab moving parts? Speak now and we’ll spill the beans on April 11th.