We Go Places: Brand New Conference

By Sam Stratton

I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Brand New Conference a few weeks ago in Chicago.

I have special ties to Chicago, as it’s my birthplace. But my parents relocated when I was very young, so it was really great to explore the city as an adult.

The conference was a two-day event with tons of amazing speakers giving fresh and new ideas to a room full of designers from every walk of life. One of my biggest takeaways was the vastness of the design industry. No two people were the same at the conference, one person was an in-house designer, another a creative director for a big ad firm. Each person offered special insight into their lives and livelihoods.

One of my favorite things is hearing older "masters" talk who have years and years of experience in the industry. Brand New did a great job bringing those types of people to speak, for which I was grateful. These designers are in their sixties and seventies and showed work from 50 years ago that still, to this day, can hold its own. I want to design like that, work with such underlying character that it will survive well past my time.

It was also great to get out of Savannah for a little while. Chicago is an incredibly inspirational city with amazing architecture and it gave me fresh inspiration for the months ahead. I come back to Focus Lab with a new fire to make brands with intention systems and long shelf lives.

Till next year Brand New…