This is Where the Magic Happens

By Bill Kenney

A Photographic Tour of the New Focus Lab Digs.

This week has been one of hoots, high fives, and hot-cha’s. We’ve been doing the proverbial end zone dance for 24 straight hours. Why? Well, for one we just launched our shiny new website. But, just on the heels of that, we also opened our doors to hundreds of our local friends and colleagues for our first party in the new space. The party, which is more of a commemoration, comes about two a half months into our occupation of the space and roughly four months after demolition took place on structures remaining from previous occupants.

Here’s what it looked like just after we got started.

For those of you who cannot make it to the party, we wanted to give you the grand tour here.

Our entryway really sets the tone of who we are. Unlike the rest of the space’s neutral hues, the entry boasts our signature color: #FE4444. This enormous aluminum sign, mounted over the wooden wall installation, is backlit by color-changing LED lights. Opposite our sign is a glass board with paint markers, where our resident illustrators draw relevant daily messages for the rest of the team.

The meat and potatoes of the space is our collective work area. This space is clearly defined by a drop ceiling overhead (renovated from it’s earlier iteration) and is nestled at the corner of two rows of 6 ft windows, providing ample natural light and panoramic views of downtown Savannah.

The space is personal yet communal. Each team member has their own (locally made) desk decorated to reflect their unique personality. And yet we all sit together as one team, including both me and Erik.

Standing tall adjacent the workspace is a bookshelf filled with craft-specific books for the team’s continuing education.

We do a lot of brainstorming around the collaboration table: a butcher block table on wheels, covered with butcher paper, and surrounded by seating. Here we can write/draw/sketch ideas right on the table. The enclosing glass wall is the only partition in the space, serving as a sound barrier between the workspace and the conference/event/play space.

Here are some more shots that really represent the overall aesthetic of the space - clean, minimalist, modern-industrial - captured perfectly by our designer Kathy Fritz.

Eight of our very own motivation posters hang on the south wall, interspersed between the many windows. The messages of the posters were self-conceived, self-designed, and self-drafted. And they reflect the heart and soul of our company. They are our north star across all touchpoints of the organization.

Moving around the glass partition, we come upon the modular conference/event/play space. In this area, you’ll see that we’ve mounted a large flatscreen TV. Yes, it is hung from a barn door track. (For more information on how to make that awesomeness happen, stay tuned for our forthcoming How-To post in the coming week.) The wall that the TV hangs from doubles as a dry erase board. Pretty nifty, eh?

This is where we conduct staff meeting, client conferences, and the like. The four tables that make up the conference table actually fold, tuck, and roll, enabling us to open the floor for more free-form activities, like ReFresh events, speakers, movie nights, or video gaming.

In the foreground, you’ll note the ginormous bean bags, which have been put to great use for napping, reading, and the occasional wrestling match.

Check out those cork floors, compliments of Jelinek Cork! As we head into the kitchen area, note the second bookshelf, this one piled high with books on leadership, motivation, and business and personal development.

The kitchen is really a stylistic centerpiece for the space. You may recall the wooden wall installation from the front entryway, which is echoed in the kitchen backsplash but extended through the ceiling, garage door-esque. We have a fully-stocked fridge and pantry, a water filtration system, and a high-end Technivorm Mochamaster coffee maker. Representative of the family that we are, we all eat together at another butcher block table on wheels.

No design office would be complete without uber stylish bike racks. We live in Savannah, GA, which offers us great quality of life. Not to mention really nice weather for more than half the year. Many of us bike, so we embraced that and made our modes of transportation double as wall decor. We also have dual cross-mounted mailboxes for INNIE and OUTIE mail. Hey, it’s the little things…

Last but not least is the only enclosed space in the 2,400 square foot space, the “phone call room.” This cozy space is ideal for podcasting, remote/video training, sales calls, overflow meeting space, or a reading lounge.

Check out the brag-worthy ON AIR sign mounted above the door outside the room, which notifies our team if the room is in use.

So, there you have it. Certainly a step up from our 220-square foot digs at ThincSavannah. Though, we’re ever grateful for our beginnings there. We’re also extremely grateful to Don Stauffer of Lion Management and James Atwell for his carpentry assistance. We couldn’t have done this without them.

We couldn’t be more humbled, honored, and proud of our growth and the motivation it’s given us all. As our team spreads our wings and we settle into this amazing, creative space, we promise more and better services/products to come.