The Many Fur Faces of Focus Lab

By Kellie Groover

Here at Focus Lab, we heart our fur babies. We thought we'd take a little time out and introduce you to the fur-side of Focus Lab. Enjoy!

Will Straughn

Buster (6), Basset Hound
Lola (10), Basset Hound

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Buster and Lola, sisters from the world of drooly hounds, were found travelling on the long dusty road of life. They're full of life, full of love, full of happiness…and peanut butter. The end.

Favorite Toys
Lola: Rasta Taz
Buster: Flat Duck

Kellie Groover

Buddy (7), Black Alley Cat
Belle (6), Black Alley Cat
Neelix (8), Orange Tabby

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Kellie is furbaby-mom to two black alley cats, Buddy Midnight (7) a 22 lb cat and Belle (6) a tiny little mini cat. They're in love…sometimes. Her sweet orange tabby cat, Mr. Neelix (8), has gone on to live with her in-laws, but he's still her "first cat"… so she had to include him in the mix.

All three of the Groover cats are rescues. Neelix was picked up from the shelter…He chose them. Jay brought Buddy and Belle home. They were dumpster alley cats he rescued from behind the restaurant he used to manage in Statesboro, GA.

In a parallel universe, Buddy Midnight is a lounge singer…he's a longhaired cat who has paw fur like little snowshoes. He weighed less than a pound when he was rescued, but he's since gained a little weight. :) Belle is a super sweet cuddly tiny cat who loves to play and loves her Buddy.

Favorite Toys: Cardboard Boxes, Jingly toys, laser, and Belle likes to climb the Christmas tree each year.

Charisse Bennett

Mouse (10), Tuxedo Cat
Bear (10), Fluffy Mutt

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Charisse has pets named after other animals. It just worked out that way. She got Mouse as a tiny kitten in 2005 and he was so little he could only squeak at first and then he grew into a giant (not fat just big boned, seriously). He’s 10 years old now and tolerates his brother, Bear, who joined their little family in 2010. Bear is roughly 10 years old too, but who can be sure. He’s a pure mutt but could pass as a miniature Bernese mountain dog (if something like that were to exist). He’s kind of like a cat more than a dog… super chill and sleeps a lot, but so cute! He looks like a puppy and so is often lovingly referred to as the perma-puppy, if only his joints acted as young as he looks.

Summer Teal Simpson

Dodger (9), Georgia black mutt
Wingate (9), Georgia black mutt
Stanley (10), Russian Blue mix

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Wingate was found in the woods at about six weeks old. She was nappy and filthy and had a belly full of worms. But since the day she was found, she was a wonderful, beautiful dog with a unique personality. She is very food motivated, and loves to sprawl out on the couch or on her bed (not very ladylike). She barks or paw-swipes you to tell you when she needs something, and she loves to crazy-run and play chase. She's a very good hunter.

Dodger was adopted in Athens, Georgia to be a playmate for Wingate. They are about the same age. Dodger has a big heart; he loves his parents and loves children. He is very protective of Wingate and maintains an acute understanding of his surroundings. He loves to have his belly rubbed and just be close to mom and dad. He eats bones in record time. His favorite days are boating days and his favorite word is "walk," and is identifiable even when mumbled.

Stanley was an only-pet for much of his life but he has been patient and accommodating to his new brother and sister, for the most part. They eat his food a lot, which results in a swipe of the paw here and there. Stanley is a very handsome fellow, and he loves to go outside and strut his stuff. His food bowl is his favorite thing, especially when it's full. His second favorite thing is to sit on his daddy's belly or beside his mom's head first thing in the morning. That's where he gets lots of love and affection. Unlike most cats, he comes when he's called and he gives kisses on command.

Bill Kenney

Mittens (1), Calico Rescue

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Favorite Toys: Ping Pong balls and Angry Bird Telepods
Favorite Hobby: Hunting toes
Special Talent: Plays fetch for hours
Job: Poker Player

Alex Sailer

Norman (6), White & Buff
Penelope (Penny) (5), Tabby
Winnie (2), Beagle Mix

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Favorite Toys: Hair ties, laser pointer
Favorite activities: Rubbing his face on things, catching the peep hole on the front door
Special Talent: vomiting

Penelope (Penny)
Favorite Toys: Boxes, bubble wrap
Favorite Activities: eating, sitting in boxes
Special talent: talks to humans

Favorite Toys: Bones, ropes
Favorite Activities: Playing with Penny, sleeping
Special Talent: Fastest dog at the park

Erik Reagan

Walt (almost 1)
Darcey (9)

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Walt was rescued through Coastal Pet Rescue December 30th of 2014. He was about 8 wks old. Likes: Annoying the neighbors by barking, hanging out with Cade, chewing holes in covers and things he isn’t supposed to chew on. He also enjoys Cade throwing food on the floor for him and jumping over baby gates. Darcey is 9 and was given to us by my brother-in-law. She was the first Reagan baby. Likes: Being alone. She loves Erik and Nikkie and that is pretty much it. She enjoys spending her day in a chair or on the bed. Arch nemesis: Walt.

All the Pets!

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