The Client Perspective: Charley Todd of Ted Todd Insurance

By Charley Todd

We’re excited to publish the first of many guest blog posts. The idea? To let our clients tell you about their experiences working with Focus Lab. Kicking us off is Charley Todd, CIO of Ted Todd Insurance, an awesome, energetic, and longstanding client of ours.

Charley Todd

by Charley Todd, CIO, Ted Todd Insurance

Don Draper and Matthew Weiner's entire cast of Mad Men have compelled American audiences for nearly a decade. Consider me one of the ultra-engaged Sunday night viewers obsessed with the goings-on at Sterling Cooper, right up until Sunday's series finale. However, as much fun as watching fictional creatives has been, working with the actual designers, thinkers, and artists from Focus Lab has been absolutely transformational.

I first discovered our company's real life "Don" in the person of Bill Kenney. I stumbled upon a website called Dribbble that showcases thousands of artists and their work. I became magnetized to the designs in Bill's portfolio and I still remember nervously messaging him for the first time to see if his schedule allowed for any new client work. Fast-forward to 2015 and we've successfully used Bill and Erik's team to:

  1. Re-brand our entire statewide organization.
  2. Create a business tool that generates thousands of quality business leads every year.
  3. Re-model physical office locations to be current and progressive. This has allowed us to increase both the efficiency of our team and their overall morale.
  4. Pursue multiple promising business ventures that, without their inspiration and guidance, would not have been possible.
  5. Create and improve countless marketing tools with design so sharp that no one in our market comes close to competing with the impressiveness of our brand.

Throughout our business relationship with Focus Lab, the financial gain and competitive advantages we've benefited from are outstanding and easy to document. But that's not what has made me a truly passionate supporter of their work. What sold me on Bill and Erik's company is, well, to put it simply: Bill and Erik. The rarity of finding leaders who attract genuine and transparent talent around them while simultaneously staying grounded themselves cannot be overstated.

One of the most memorable moments of Mad Men's series happens between arguably the two most interesting characters. Peggy confronts Don on her perceived lack of being valued for her creative work and her mistreatment by Draper as her direct supervisor. Don's temper rises as he proclaims, "That's what the money's for!"

Thankfully what Focus Lab understands at its core is that money and profits are only part of the equation. Money wasn't enough of an answer for Peggy and it shouldn't have been. People are the most important ingredient in business and in - life. Our partnership with Bill, Erik, and their entire team speaks to that belief. High-end talent with genuine and personal communication - that's what we found in Savannah three years ago. That's what we're excited to continually partner with in the future.