Standards: Make it Better

By Jonathan McGaha

Make it Better is one of the eight core standards that we have at Focus Lab.

Better 1

When we first reviewed these standards as a team, my mind went back to one of the most meaningful essays I have ever read, Merlin Mann’s Better. Better was written in 2008 and came to me at a time when I was stuck professionally. I’d been at a job for many years and I struggled against the flow of that daily routine. Around me, others were content with what they knew about their jobs and methodologies. Meanwhile I dealt with a feeling of professional inadequacy. I didn’t have anyone pushing me, telling me to do better, or to learn more. I was just stuck.

Then I read Merlin’s piece. It resonated with me in a way that nothing in my professional life had. It affirmed to me that the onus for ‘making it better’ had to start with me. I had to demand of myself that the status quo will never be enough, to always demand more of myself, even if others thought I was doing a great job.

A few years after I first read “Better,” I went back to reread it and see if it still meant as much to me. I was incredibly surprised to find that so much of what I had taken away from the article came from such a small part towards the end.

All I know right now is that I want to do all of it better. Everything better. Better, better.

None of the rest of the article mattered. Two words mattered. Everything better. To sit and think about every facet of my life that could be and should be better is still something that drives me daily and makes me incredibly proud to be a part of a company that values the betterment of its employees and their work.