Spotlight: Shub

By Shabnam Gideon

Hiya. I’m Shabnam, a relatively new Focus Lab addition, in a project management seat. Well, on a ball, to be precise.


In keeping with my penchant for grouping like items, here’s a quick intro, by way of an outline:

How I Got Here

  • Roanoke-ish, Virginia, Atlanta, Savannah
  • Insystems Technologies, Savannah College of Art and Design, freelancing, Focus Lab
  • Form designer, web designer, web developer, sales engineer, implementation consultant, interactive director, freelancer, project manager
  • Home, feet, bike, feet, coffee, ball

What I Do For Fun

  • Rescue fresh food scraps and concoct dishes that I make other people eat
  • Experiment with traditional food preservation methods
  • Play ultimate frisbee
  • Walk. A lot. Preferably up mountains.
  • Sample tasty craft beers
  • Make bulleted lists

What’s Important to Me

  • Eating real food
  • Avoiding things that are pink
  • Wearing comfortable shoes, if shoes are required
  • Parallel structure
  • Good toilet paper

What Local Causes I Support

What Inspires Me

  • Good information architecture
  • RadioLab
  • Public art
  • Travel
  • Working with real, talented, and real talented people, like the ones here at Focus Lab

I’m so glad to be a part of this intelligent, hardworking, and fun team. Thanks for having me, peeps. And thank all y’all for reading!