Spotlight: Oatemeal

By John Oates

Hello There!

John  Oates  Heel  Click

So a little about me - my parents named me John Oates, but as you may have realized I am not the mustache rockin' 80's singer, but rather an excited addition to the amazing Focus Lab team!

I was born and raised near Cocoa Beach, FL in a town called Rockledge where things are slow and design is generally... well, bad. I was always more into athletics than I was into the arts, until one day on the baseball field I realized I was no longer enjoying myself. I left the baseball team and picked up a skimboard and began a much more "gnarly” journey. I began noticing the design of surf shirts, boardshorts, hats, stickers, and so much more. It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I picked up a pencil and found a new passion for design.

I decided I would focus my newfound interests and begin the Design Program at the University of Central Florida (go Knights!). In my final semester I was bitten by the lettering bug and haven't stopped lettering since.

After graduating UCF, I knew I wouldn't be creatively fulfilled in my hometown of Rockledge, so I looked to the booming metropolis of Orlando. I landed a job as an intern at an agency in Downtown Orlando where I began blending my love for lettering and illustration with web design.

After three years of mostly web design work I needed to scratch my branding itch. I joined the Focus Lab team and relocated in a beautiful new city. My lovely wife, Jenna, and I spend a lot of time exploring our new city with our “dog-son”, Mowgli Bear! We are so happy for this opportunity and couldn't be more excited to be part of the Focus Lab family.