Spotlight: Liz

By Liz Kelley

Hi, I’m the new Digital Marketing Coordinator at Focus Lab. I can’t wait to utilize the very cool things we do in new ways on new platforms.

Liz Internal Hero

I say I’m from Cincinnati, but there were some detours to Boston, Baltimore, and San Antonio along the way. I was an early adopter of any technology available to me; I taught myself HTML and CSS when I was in middle school. I still feel nostalgic for the beautiful sound of our family computer connecting to Compuserve. When not sitting in front of a computer (which was rare), I could be found feverishly reading the latest young adult series or oogling fashion magazines about a glamorous world outside my Midwestern suburb.

I initially thought I’d work in those fancy fashion magazines and pursued a B.A. in journalism. I quickly realized I was spending a lot more time on layouts than hunting down the juicy story and transitioned to graphic design. In the end, I earned my B.F.A. in graphic design and a minor in journalism from Northeastern University, which conveniently combined my love of visual, written, and verbal communication. 

After four years in Boston, I was ready to take on New York City. I was the Design Coordinator for a cover band manager/club owner/event planner where I met Tiffany, Sophie B. Hawkins, Taylor Dayne, and other notables names from the ‘80s; only in New York. After backpacking through Europe for a few months, I returned to New York to sling fried chicken at Pies ‘n Thighs and work as a freelance designer. I eventually found my way to Poppin, where I designed everything from 6’ tall signage for Staples to weekly emails with rainbow gifs. I loved being surrounded by colorful office supplies and working with such a smart, agile, creative team.

However, the sheen of New York had begun to fade as I dreamed of home ownership and found myself limited to an exorbitantly expensive studio apartment with a quick 2.5 hour subway ride to Manhattan. A quick weekend trip to Savannah was enough to make me pack up my 100 square foot room and move south. 

Savannah was a welcome change-of-pace, and I found myself in a new role advising art students that weren’t so different from my former self. I had to put myself in their shoes to better communicate new initiatives and programming from the university. I loved the challenge of reaching students in the 21st century. How can my message stand out amid the din of social media, emails, targeted ads, blog posts, video tutorials, and a million other points of contact?

Solving those challenges brought me the skills I now bring to Focus Lab as their Digital Marketing Coordinator. I’m so excited to dive in and find the best ways to bring our incredible talent to more people and platforms. Thank you for having me!