Spotlight: Lauren Davis

By Lauren Davis

Can I make a confession? When I was little I wanted to be an actress, have my own HGTV show, or be a mermaid.

Lauren Davis

I mean who would turn down the opportunity to be a mermaid? Endless travel to exotic locations, flawless skin and hair, all the sushi you could eat.

Well, along the way, I instead found a passion for art and design. I began my journey in the one and only Savannah, Georgia.

Growing up, my parents owned a photography/videography business and it was through that that I discovered a keen interest in creativity through photography, painting, and eventually graphic design. I was the kid in school who would make solar system models out of cake… because cake, am I right?

Fast forward a few years and I was fortunate enough to land an internship with Halo Models & Talent when I was sixteen, which would lead to a permanent modeling and support job that lasted six years. The lessons and skills that I learned while working at Halo have been invaluable and helped mold my view on what it meant to be a young professional.

While at Halo I had the privilege of being the office manager, runway coach, in-house designer, as well as a signed Halo model. As a result of being signed with Halo, I had the honor of landing the cover for three magazines, one of the leads in a NBC commercial, and a handful of magazine spreads.

I first learned about Focus Lab on a photoshoot for LA-based company, Terra's Kitchen. The photographer's husband (ahem, Chase Turberville) had just landed a job with Focus Lab and she described it as Google's cooler older brother. I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to be a part of a team with such an incredible culture and level of talent.

I immediately went online to search for Focus Lab when I got home and learned that they were hiring a Production Assistant. I thought to myself: "Self, you can do this. Opportunities like this don't come by very often. If you have to fetch coffee or clean the office to get in with this company, you've got to do it." And, in fact, that's what I led with in my cover letter.

To say that I was ecstatic when I found out I got the job would be an understatement. If you'd have told me I could have any wish come true when I was five, I would have undoubtedly told you I wanted to become a mermaid. But things change, we grow up, and our dreams evolve (sorry, five year old me). Now I get to live my dream by working for an incredible company where I'm daily challenged to grow and, in the process, help other’s dreams become realities through design.

When I'm not staring at Pantone swatches and typefaces, you'll find me snapping pictures for Instagram, binging on New Girl, overdosing on espresso, spending time with my family, and working on my BFA in Graphic Design at Armstrong State University (I graduate in 2016).

Thank you for reading, and thank you to Bill and Erik for the opportunity to be a part of the team at Focus Lab!