Spotlight: Kellie, Take 3

By Kellie Groover

Hey there, hi there, ho there! I’m Kellie Groover, one of the newbies here in Focus Lab Land.

I’m the behind-the-scenes office lady, resident Mouseketeer, backstage manager, special forces teammate, pretty much whatever-I-can-do-to-make-everyone’s-life-easier, go-to gal. Think of me as a fairy godmother for the Focus Lab team.

I joined the team first thing in January 2014, after some corresponding with Erik. I’d reached out to him around the time my son Noah was born last September, looking to see if I could offer my stellar office skills; he said he’d reach back out to me when the time was right. Three months later, he asked me to come by and chat and said I could even bring Noah! “Wow, really?” I thought. You know it’s a super cool place when they are down with bringing the kiddos by the office.

(Zack Morris “time out”.)

Let’s talk a little bit about how I got here.

I’ve had a diverse career and I feel that every job I have held has molded me into the versatile person I am today. I went to SCAD for 2D Animation but ended up at Georgia Southern pursuing a Communications Degree and minor in Drawing. I’ve managed a Blockbuster, played Tour Guide at The Great Movie Ride at Walt Disney World, been a marketing coordinator for an architecture firm, production secretary on an independent film, and it was my job as a community manager at ThincSavannah, a local coworking space, where I was introduced to the Focus Lab team.

As any Cinderella story goes, I left Thinc to dabble in hospitality industry again at the Westin. After a few months I realized my hospitality days were better left in my past at Disney, and decided it was time to move back into another administrative/coordinator role, in a creative industry, ideally. That’s when I thought to contact Erik. The rest you can say, is history.

(Time in.)

But, for real… When I was at Thinc, I would come to work and see what these guys were doing and how they work… you just knew they were creating great stuff and going somewhere fast. I love the energy here and how we were all handpicked to join their team. No accidents here, every team member was picked intentionally and thoughtfully to become a part of this crazy family.

I’m happy to be here, and hope they are as happy to have me as I am to have joined the Focus Lab fam.