Spotlight: Erin

By Erin Kessler

Hi! My name is Erin. I grew up in Torrance, CA.

Erin 001@2X

Later I moved to Long Beach, CA, where I went to college. Soon after that, I met my husband while paddling for a local Outrigger team. Paddling is where I truly learned to appreciate what a team was about. Little did I know how valuable this experience would be for my everyday life, family, and work.

I’ve done a lot of traveling, but I had never lived away from California or my family. So when my husband got the word that his job in Long Beach was being relocated to Savannah, it was quite a shock. It was a difficult decision, but we packed up all our belongings and moved across the country with our daughter hoping for the best.

It was a bit rough when we first arrived. Everything was so unfamiliar, and I didn't know many people. Now that we’ve been in Savannah for a few years, I’m so thankful for the friendships I have built. One of the friends I met along the way was Kellie Groover.

One weekend we were riding bikes in downtown Savannah with our kids. All of a sudden, the sky turned dark and it started to pour. Kellie mentioned we could go to her office at Focus Lab to dry off and wait out the rain. All I could think was, “What kind of workplace allows an employee the freedom to come and go, even on the weekend?”

After the rain cleared, we decided to grab some slices from a local pizza joint called Vinnie Van Go Go’s. I asked Kellie to tell me about Focus Lab and what she did. She told me how much she enjoyed her job and the positive team environment she worked in. She described Focus Lab as a supportive family.

 It’s not often you hear people telling you how much they like their job — it’s just a dream for most. I let Kellie know that if the right opportunity came up, I would love to be considered for a job at Focus Lab.

Not long afterwards, I was doing the happy dance when I was offered a job at Focus Lab as Office Manager. I am so thankful to be a new part of the Focus Lab family. I can't wait to contribute to this amazing team and creative environment.