Spotlight: Devin

By Devin Richards

YO — what up, errbody! My name is Devin, and I’m the latest addition to the Focus Lab family and the new digital project manager here.

Culture May Devin

I was born and raised in the majestic mountains of West Virginia (LET’S GO, MOUNTAINEERS!), which is not the western part of the state of Virginia, as some may think. With that being said, we are ever so lucky to have had John Denver write our theme song, “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

I grew up playing in my backyard catching frogs in the creek (or “crick” depends on what part of West Virginia you’re from), and hanging with my grandparents on their property. Ask me about the crabapple story if we are ever grabbing a drink together.

I had the typical West Virginia youth learning to hunt, watching WVU college football games, and scarfing pepperoni rolls from my local neighborhood bakery. If you don’t know what pepperoni rolls are, you are severely missing out. #MoreLife

My mom got remarried when I was in middle school, which gave me the best dad in the world, and also brought me to the Sunshine State of Florida. In Florida my dad directed my rebellious side into football, which became my second love. I got very good at it, and was even offered the opportunity to play college football. But I turned it down for my first love: music.

That creative itch persisted throughout my life. My junior year of high school I tried out for the school musical, to the incomprehension of my jock friends, and landed the lead in the musical “Fame.” From that day forward I believed I was going to sing on Broadway and be the next Michael Cerveris, but with way more hair!

I quickly found out that Broadway was way out of reach, but I still loved to sing and didn’t want to give up on that feeling of performing for people. So, enter the stereotypical high school garage band with some of my best friends — people I would consider brothers even to this day. At that same time I met the love of my life, my wife Jami. High school sweethearts for all time.

Flash forward seven years, and I find myself managing digital interactive projects for a small creative agency in Orlando, FL, discovering and living the adventure of my third career passion, digital project management. I approach project management with the fire to go over and beyond for the clients I interact with, but more importantly the team that I work with every day. I love the idea that I get to help create something amazing that lives in the massive ocean that is the internet.

I’m a self-proclaimed people person and enjoy building new relationships that can help me grow, or help me to grow others around me. I absolutely love what I do, and when the opportunity presented itself to work for an incredible agency like Focus Lab, it almost felt too good to be true. I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with such incredibly talented people every day, creating things we can all be proud of.

Take me home, to the place I belong…