Snapshot: This Week in Photos 8/18

By Alicja Colon

The past two weeks were steeped in team meetings, portfolio shoots, and typical office shenanigans.

Weekinphotos 02 00

Every Monday starts with a full team meeting. The irony here is in the other room there’s a comfy conference room to support such meetings. Apparently we like being very close to each other.

Then works starts. A branding client, Lowest Rates, is in their final rounds.

Also, Matt, what did Cancillor ever do to you? RUDE.

Summer is the go-to for answers, as Branding Strategist, she always has her hands full.

Sam, the one who smelt it, dealt it #justsayin’ Also, shouldn’t you know how to post a dribbble shot by now? ;)

When Jon forgets his headphones he gets to remind the world of 90’s phat technology.

Lastly, killer video-guy, Will, joined us for a few days. He’s leaving to study abroad in Hong Kong, jerk.

We’ve been working on updating our site. Therefore portfolio shoots are in full swing.

See ya in two weeks!