Snapshot: This Week in Photos 12/8

By Alicja Colon

Whoa Nelly! It’s has been a hot minute since the last Snapshot. Don’t fret, my pet. We’re back with a packed post.

Last week the “remoters” ditched their caves and basked in the warm winter days Savannah has to offer.

I’m pretty sure Andy is the raddest developer I ever met. If his knowledge on how to build motorcycles doesn’t woo you, the fact that he has a Snoop Dogg action figure surely will.

It has been grand having Bill back for a week. He was happy to know that the soda he left months ago has been untouched.

We were bummed though that one remote teammate, Matt, wasn’t able to make it. He excuse was something along the lines of his spouse birthing a human being. Sounds like a farce to me. Can you really trust a grown man that drinks out of a Mickey Mouse mug?

Sadly, last week was Charlie’s final week at Focus Lab. I guess he took the time to draw illustrations of himself for a client...

With the full crew in town, in typical Focus Lab fashion, we busted out the games. With friends and family in tow, we embarked on a fierce game of Heads Up!. Charlie was thrilled.

And as fate would have it, we were sent amazing chocolates from one of our favorite clients, Ted Todd. Holding the team off to get an image was brutal. Sam in particular.

And despite all the frivolities, we still cranked out client deliveries.

Well kids, that's all for this segment. See ya next snapshot.