Snapshot: This Week in Photos 10/28

By Alicja Colon

This time around, I wanted to share a tad about what my teammates have to deal with on an average Monday: Me. Muahahaha.

Imagine lights all around you, flaring spontaneously; Clicking of a shutter, all the time; Rearranging your desk, while you’re focused on the curve of a letterform. Yep, pretty amazing, huh?

But in all seriousness, it’s all worth it, right? To have these little captures of life as work-as-we-know-it.

Lately, our office has been a tad sparse as the typical Savannah crew has been working remote. On most days Summer and Jon hold down the fort. The design reviews have been dubbed the “Jon & Summer Morning Show.”

Jon has been focused on working on the brand for Assembly. We’re nearing the completion of brand and are transitioning to the UI side of things.

Poor guy has to deal with this.

JibJab Messages, an app we helped design, was launched a few weeks ago. Hence a blog post was in order, which needed images. Summer Teal, ever so beautiful and willing, donned a horse head and helped a photographer out.

I’m looking forward to the next snapshot as we’ve picked up the ball on World Citizenz, renamed to MeetJune. Assembly is hitting the UI side of the table, and another brand (whose name we shall not speak) is strongly moving forward.

Moreover, since the Assembly brand is wrapping up, I can start brainstorming the portfolio images. This is my favorite part of any brand–crafting images that show off the brand within the brand’s constraints. So challenging, and so fun.

A random photographer aside: I’ve switched RAW processing apps. Therefore my images are turning out quite differently than before. I’d love to hear if you noticed and, if so, what are your thoughts? I’ll share more about the app change and what I like about it once I hear your feedback :)

Till later, friends!