Q4: Just Bounce With It

By Charisse Bennett

As I write this, it's the Monday after our last and most recent Quarterly of the year and the office feels soooo quiet and empty.

We had a full house all last week with every desk filled (we actually had to move extra tables and chairs into Lab 2 to accommodate everyone). It was fantastic and all we wanted to do was chit-chat and catch up. It's not like we don't "see" everyone every day online and in video calls, but it's not the same. Sometimes we local folks take for granted how nice it is to just share a laugh out loud from seeing the same funny gif pop up in HipChat. It was great to have the whole gang here, and in between the chitchatting we actually got some real work done (go team!).

This quarterly's schedule wasn't as jam-packed as last time, but, man, we still had some fun! Monday after work we started it off right with some delicious Taterlicious beers from the local brewery, Moon River. Instead of a pumpkin beer they do a sweet potato beer...complete with sugar and spice around the rim.

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Tuesday night we had a chance to have everyone join us for dinner (families included). We all finally got to meet baby Olive, the brand new addition to Business Development's Will and Keri Straughn's family. And she is a cutie! Alex looks great holding her...what a natural!

Thursday we had our weekly roundtable with a Quarterly update that got everyone pumped about where we are, what we've accomplished, and what is yet to come. Not that I needed a reminder, but it was a pretty awesome reminder of how lucky we are to work for such a great company. Then Kellie, Summer, and I ventured out in a massive downpour to retrieve the lunch order of pizzas. It was the worst timing - streets were literally rivers and we got soaked. Thankfully, there's a random assortment of t-shirts in the closet we could change into. We came back to find that the guys had figured out how to hook up Chase's Nintendo to the large conference room TV and were playing games that I barely remember playing so many years ago.

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Thursday night we all kind of called it an early evening. We needed to get some serious rest before our Friday activity. Friday morning we made our way to Get Air Savannah. We had been talking about this place in the office for weeks now. Kellie had already been so she knew we were going to have fun, but I had no idea how much fun. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I jumped on a trampoline, but I had totally forgotten how much freaking fun they are!

We had 2 hours to run around and jump like crazy people. We were tired within 15 minutes..but we kept going! There was a vicious game of dodgeball with only minor injuries. The ninja course was impossible, and the foam pits will just hold on and not let you get out. Slacklining is hard, but we kept trying (apparently speed is the key). The basketball area got a lot of attention, but really the sea of trampolines was the best thing ever. I couldn't stop jumping. I mean, if we could just bounce everywhere it would be ten times more fun than walking or running. Winnie the Pooh's Tigger was on to something. So we bounced and flipped and flopped and ran around until our 2 hours were up. We were hot and sweaty and sore, but it was so worth it. My muscles are still a little sore 3 days later, but I'm ready to do it again.

The videos and pictures are pretty fun.

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Watch out @joshuakrohn... @erikreagan is gaining on you! #kerning
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After one last group lunch, Andy and Bill made their way to the airport while some of us finished up deliverables and the fantastic week slowly started to wind down. Everything has returned to normal and we are counting down the days until the next Quarterly!

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Don’t miss Sam’s “Air Jordan”

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