Q3: Who Wears Orange Crocs?

By Kellie Groover

Focus Lab Quarterlies. Four times a year, the local and remote teams congregate for a week of team-building, internal work, togetherness, and laughter at Focus Lab HQ in Savannah.

Q3 Kayak

We like to take advantage of having the entire team in the same room to find ways to #MakeItBetter. This week we focused internally on Sidecar. Keep an eye out for those awesome improvements coming ‘atcha soon.

We also rolled out some new human resource developments, like the addition of Kin HR to our digital toolbox. We’re pretty jazzed about it. The Kin HR team has been super helpful throughout the transition (Valerie, I’m looking at you), and I’m excited to see it in action after unveiling it to the team.  

Outside of our usual office shenanigans, we filled the time with fun team-building activities. We hit up Tuesday Trivia at our local Mellow Mushroom. We lost. It hurt. I think Chase and I took it harder than most, being self-professed pop culture gurus.

Q3 Full House

Wednesday we enjoyed a beautiful day of kayaking with Sea Kayak Georgia on the glassy waters by our local beach, Tybee Island. It was a lovely “three-hour tour.” We went out with the tide and came back with the tide. We stopped at an island for a quick eco-tour and photo ops. John even attempted to save a horseshoe crab -- what a guy. Did you see his crocs? Bright orange. They matched his kayak. White hot. After a bite to eat we spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon, if you ask me.

Q3 Go Pro
Q3 Orange Crocs

Thursday we began to wrap up our internal work for the week in preparation for the long holiday weekend. The plan was to barbecue at Charisse’s pad on the river. Sadly, the weather had other plans for us, so we had a game night at the office instead. Tasty eats from Sandfly BBQ along with some yummy birthday cake (happy birthday, Alex!) helped us make the best of the crummy weather. It didn’t hurt that we played the board game Hedbanz, the dental mouthpiece game “Watch Ya Mouth,” and our team favorite, Celebrity. Such a good time.

Friday, we said farewell to our amazing remote crew as they made the journey home. The week following Quarterly is always a quiet one, when we feel the absence of our remote crew and start to look forward to our next encounter. Thanks Bill and Erik for always working to make our team the best we can be by making quarterly meets possible. Until our October Quarterly…

Q3 Kayakgroup
Kayak Ladies
Kayak Dudes
Q3 Storm