Q3: Focus Lab Team, Assemble!

By Kellie Groover

Hey, y’all. Kellie here. We just wrapped up another Focus Lab quarterly week, a time where the remote team assembles at our Savannah HQ for a week of work and fun.

Gangs All Here

It’s a little like a family reunion, with all the best family members… you know the ones. Regardless, it’s a week we all look forward to. 

This time, we introduced two new Focus Lab team members: developer Bryan Fordham and office assistant Erin Kessler! We’re so stoked to have them both on board, and you will definitely get deeper introductions to them soon. We also had Focus Lab superfan and honorary Focus member Ryker in the office with us — the Mini-Me to Bill’s Dr. Evil.

We kicked off the week with our usual “Standup report,” where we talk about something awesome that happened in the last day, our priorities for the day, and any obstacles we may need help with. That first day is always a little bit louder in the office because we haven’t all seen each other in person in a while! Once we settled down, we got to work on some secret projects, client work, and prepared for some fun.

That night we had a low country boil (a regional specialty) at Charisse’s awesome pad (thanks, girl!). It was fun to just chill with the crew, eat some good southern food, and hop in the pool. A great way to kick off the week.

As the week went on, things kept cranking in the office. We hit up trivia at Mellow Mushroom (go team “We know nothing, Jon Snow”!) We also received a hefty Ikea order with new desks for the team! They’re great. We all have adjustable sit-to-stand desks now — so nice. Thanks, Bill and Erik for continuing to make working at Focus Lab even better. Also, mad props to Charisse and Summer for their legwork on our office upgrades.  

New Desks

On Wednesday we had our Focus Lab State of the Union: the Quarterly Update! We heard about where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and honored this past quarter’s “Gold Standard” Focus Lab team member: go Charisse! (So well-deserved).

Patch Reveal

At the end of our Quarterly Update, Alex and John revealed their recent “secret project” to the team: Team Focus Lab patches! They are pretty sweet, y’all. You can earn them for being part of the team during specific years, for being a part of the Focus Crew, for being honored as the Gold Standard team member, and for upholding specific Focus Lab core standards. Special shout-out to Cléa for her mad copy skills on the patch descriptions.

Patch Talk

The rest of the week brought forth more work and play, with a family trip to the local amateur baseball team (none other than the Savannah Bananas), game night, dinner, and bowling. We also celebrated the birthday of our queen of photography, Alicja Colon, along with the work anniversaries of Shabnam, Alex, Chase, and Andy.  


We were all blissfully tired by Friday. We said our farewells, thankful for another great week together. Till October!