Q1: Rendezvous Recap

By Alex Sailer

Every quarter we all get together to catch up, have fun, and work (a little bit). As a remote team member, I live for these weeks.

This is the first year where we started the year off with everyone in the office together. We see each other daily via the internet but there is nothing like some quality time with the Focus Lab fam. We laughed, we cried, we ate too much (Will S), and we hugged each other... a lot.

This specific quarterly meetup had to be up there for one of the best yet. Kellie always does such an amazing job making these weeks so special. This week was no exception to say the least, and it was jam-packed with awesome stuff like Go Karts, a "Chopped" Challenge, Watson workshop, a hand-lettering workshop, and pottery class.

Here are some photos to document the shenanigans.

Watson Workshop

Part of our process at Focus Lab is leveraging DISC behavioral analysis to help us better communicate with one another as well as our clients. The benefits are often intangible but after reflecting back on our 2015, we've definitely seen an improvement across the board. Andy Cabistan heads up a new initiative, Watson. Watson is a service that provides materials and 1:1 training on DISC. We had an awesome time learning new things about one another and we spent most of the week calling out behavioral types during conversations in the office. I'm a dominant S, meaning that I care about other people’s happiness. :)

alt text

Chopped Challenge

If you haven't seen Chopped on the Food Network then you probably have no idea what this is. Essentially, it's a cooking challenge. Three teams were given mystery baskets containing ingredients that had to be used in the challenge. We were given an hour to prep, cook, and plate a meal for three judges. We were judged on taste, presentation, and creativity. I was amazed by some of the food that came out of the challenge. If design doesn't work out, some of us have a future in cooking.

alt text

Clay Spot

We channeled our inner Patrick Swayze from Ghost as we learned the ins and outs of pottery from Miss Lisa at Savannah’s Clay Spot. We did everything from hand building with slabs, to throwing bowls on the potter’s wheel. Since we were only in Savannah for the week, our pottery is still TBD until it gets fired, glazed, and then fired again. Weâll let you know if any explode in the kiln.

alt text

Brush Lettering Workshop

This. Was. Awesome. Chase Turberville is a personal hero of mine but to see him in action and learn a few tricks was amazing. He taught a workshop to the whole crew during lunch and by the end of it we had the foundations we needed to start our brush lettering journeys. Be on the lookout for some lettering tutorials on Sidecar.

alt text

Escape Savannah

Escape Savannah was definitely one of the weirdest things we've done as a team. Some of you may have heard of "escape rooms;" if not they are fairly self explanatory. We were split up into two teams and locked in a room filled with clues, deception, and only one way out. It was our job as teams to piece together clues to eventually escape the room. If that doesn't sound hard enough, we were also competing against the clock. Team Bill was victorious but, had my team not been foiled by a faulty lock box, we would’ve won.

alt text

Go Karts

What's not to love about Go Karts? We'd been looking forward to this all week and when we got there we were like kids in a candy store. I've never seen adults so excited to race go karts. With all the excitement, things got heated quickly. Rivalries emerged while aggressive driving dominated the track. People weren't focused on winning, we were focused on our rivals NOT winning. The track was filled with screams, smiles, and laughter. Personally, I don't know if I could’ve had more fun.

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