Portfolio: WP Ninjas

By Jonathan Howell

From the beginning of the WP Ninjas branding project, I was really excited to start working on this.

Wpninjas 1

The clients were super cool and very trusting. They gave us some great direction and then free creative range to work our magic. Based on their initial feedback, one of the things that I found most important when building the mark was the fact that they were so community-driven. WP Ninjas creates a variety of Wordpress plugins that people can use to implement on their site and customize to their liking, so when a problem came to the forefront people would shoot them emails of how to fix or change something they had questions about. This is where they would step up to the plate and respond to each and every email that came through. So keeping this in mind, we both agreed that the best approach to this would be to have something that was friendly, functional, and trustworthy.

There was a fine line here though, so in the early exploration stages we tried all sorts of things from ninja stars to symbolic and abstract lines that represented different adjectives used to describe things associated with ninjas and the overall culture. We also didn’t want to be too literal, but luckily enough in the second round we came across the ninja head by accident actually. We were going into an internal design review meeting and as I was copying my artboard content over I had a white box that was copied over top of a full circle head of a ninja; the white box cropped the ninja head and that’s when we started with the peeking ninja head.

After a few more iterations, we finally landed on something we liked and decided the best way to differentiate the child brands would be with different color options. Therefore instead of having a different logo for each child brand we could create a good source of brand recognition through using just the peeking ninja head.