Portfolio: PinkBlush Maternity

By Matt Yow

PinkBlush is an online-exclusive maternity and fashion wear boutique based out of California.

Pinkblush Blog 1

They’ve been serving up tasteful and sincere clothing for several years without a tailored brand image. That’s where we came in. We rebranded PinkBlush with a purpose that really sets them apart and positions them well on their continued path of growth.

The first step to a good brand design process is understanding the client, the goals of the project, and the end consumer. We exercised a complete research and discovery system to help ourselves achieve that understanding. Thanks to Summer’s extensive mind mapping, word list development, and amazing Creative Brief, we put ourselves in a good spot to begin. We finalized some strategic planning with a tagline suggestion (as well as visual direction), Life Styled: a great start to springboard into the design phase.

We collected tons of images from relevant magazines and periodicals that were real examples of what a PinkBlush customer would read or enjoy. Getting in the mindset opened us up for sketching logotypes and arranging visual elements on paper first. We used different pens for drawing the logotype letters, explored patterns, and really began generating concept directions.

With all of our initial research, when we moved into the design phase things really fell into place. Each week was a solid step forward and it was very evident that our research had paid off.

The logotype quickly moved in a direction of a refined script. The cursive logotype is a decorative yet contemporary brush script. The letterforms exemplify elegant nostalgia without emphasis on the retro or old fashioned. (We added a slight incline to the letters to push the fashion-forward mentality of the brand image.)

Our type choices were based on fashion, with a sense for the tasteful and slightly high-end. We chose tall and narrow type for headlines; geometric and circular type for call outs and subheads; and a strong serif type for body copy and swash elements. Each of the fonts pair well and contrast each other nicely. Of course, adding color helps to push the brand image even further.

Of course pink would be a key color for PinkBlush. We selected a set of pinks that worked well together and then began to explore complementary colors to balance the brand. We landed on a confident set of blue-greens that contrasted and paired well with the softer palette.

In the end, we generated an arsenal of visual elements to help PinkBlush tell their story as well as move forward with the growth of the business. Several icons were made (just enough to call a “set”) to continue the message. A distinct tone of voice was also developed to enforce the copywriting aligned with the visual style.

We art directed a photoshoot to help model some of these elements in a true environment. Thanks to Alicja Colon for the amazing photography skills. We had a very cool brand guidelines book printed, some pillows as a gift for PinkBlush, business cards, and more. It’s always nice to create a relationship with your client that allows for true creativity and enjoyment in the project.

Check out some of the photos and the full project on our portfolio soon.