Music To Focus To (Video)

By William Kesling

Without music, my process would be shit.

We are constantly absorbing auditory information from our surroundings. From cars and trains passing by, to that band on the corner street that sounds worse each day (For example. I mean, not all bands on the corner sound bad). This consistent noise isn't within your control, but whether you realize it or not, it affects you and your productivity. This can be motivational and galvanizing – or on the other hand, distracting and annoying.

So yes, this is an opinion-based read; however, I think everyone can relate one way or another. 

Music helps direct my process in a productive, engaging way.

Music can be controlled and manipulated to push you through your day, workout, or even that nice dinner date. For me, music is to life what wine can be to food. Some wine pairs better with certain meals than others, but when the combination of the two is just right, it’s revelatory. When my task and music are well-aligned, time seems to fly by and productivity levels rise.

On our speakers (that seem to have connection issues) or headphones, music at Focus Lab puts out energy that can either consume the entire space or a specific person’s work zone. This incorporation of music drives our projects and focus while sparking laughter, which may end up adding to our whiteboard wall of quotes.

Whether it’s an instrumental rap beat that gets your blood pumping like coffee might, or a lyrical, rhythmic band with moody tempo and a story to follow, music can be used to our advantage. True, some people may not be as specific in their choices, and may solely rely on a random music station. But even they use music to their advantage by tuning out any surrounding distractions.

For me, life should be about absorbing, creating, and influencing others with what we create. Absorbing the harmonic, symphonic energy of a song can spark new creative narratives. So what I've come to learn is that it’s not always about the outcome as much as it is about the process. And without music my process would be shit. :)

The music we all picked:
  1. Charisse / Hall and Oates - Rich Girl 
  2. Shabnam / Dr. Dre - What's the Difference
  3. Bill / Kanye West - Black Skinhead
  4. John / Frank Ocean - Solo
  5. Chase / Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels
  6. Erik / Christophe Beck - Paperman
  7. Kellie / Beastie Boys - Sabotage 
  8. Joshua / Galantis - Firebird
  9. Wilyo / Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out
  10. Lauren / The Weeknd - Starboy
  11. Willkes / Eminem - Lose Yourself
  12. Summer / Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack
  13. Alicja / NF - Can you Hold Me
  14. Cléa / Crystal Castles - Vanished 
  15. Alex / Lil Dicky - $ave Dat Money
  16. Andy / The Highwaymen - Highwayman
Music I listened to while writing this:
  1. Such a Waste - Dog Days
  2. Flavor of Lips - Savour
  3. Penthouse in Rio - Penthouse
  4. The Journey - Beat Tape 2

Watch the video below to hear and see some others’ perspectives on it (along with their moves).

Check out Focus Lab on Vimeo.