By Erik Reagan

Hey there, and welcome to our humble abode on the interwebs. We’re glad you’ve decided to take a look at our shiny, new website. With our new site launch I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce Focus Lab, LLC and tell you a bit about who we are and how we got here.

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“We wanted to create and build things with purpose.”

A few years ago I met Bill Kenney, who you’ll meet shortly, and we decided to join our design and development forces to form a business. We each had other full time jobs and “the business” was our side job. We were having fun serving clients around the Savannah area and other parts of Georgia. It was evident that we both wanted this to be a long career of creating and building things together.

First, Bill took the plunge into working full time for our company. A bit later my family and I were ready to take that leap as well. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 and we finally reached that glorious day. Bill & I were ready to dive in full time with an office, a bigger and better vision and with a clear focus.

Who is Focus Lab, LLC?

Focus Lab, LLC currently consists of myself (Erik Reagan), Bill Kenney and Billy Steele. The three of us, along with contractors, make up the creative forces behind Focus Lab, LLC. Bill is our Art Director and leads up all of our branding and design work. Billy is also a designer who helps with much of our print work. Lastly, I am the Lead Developer and manage all of our technical work.

We are a team of ExpressionEngine (EE) experts. The majority of our web work is EE-centric. Beyond our design and development services we offer private consulting and training for ExpressionEngine. Take a look at our individual profiles for more information about each of us.


In May 2010 we decided to change our name to better represent what we are about. Sure, we like to create and build things. It’s really fun and we love expressing our creativity in that way. But we wanted to create and build things with purpose. Our name at the time was Ideal Design Firm and it just didn’t feel right for the vision we have. A change in our name would be the first step to better represent what our goals were for the company.

We wanted the word focus in our name for a number of reasons. The simplest reason is that is just sounds good. Beyond the obvious, we wanted a name that would continually remind us to keep a clear vision. In a perfect world we would have spent all of our time on our rebranding until it was done. However, we had numerous project commitments that caused this process to spread out over the latter half of 2010. And now we’re done.

“We create things that promote growth and enrich lives in organizations and communities.” Focus Lab, LLC mission

Our bread and butter is building engaging and intuitive websites from the ground up. We love it and we’re good at it. It’s incredibly important that organizations have a strong web presence these days. That being said, we don’t know that we will be building websites in five or ten years. Regardless of what we are creating we want it to be for more than just a paycheck.

We’re not just about print, design and development. We have our sights set on having an impact in a bigger way. That’s why Focus Lab, LLC is committed to creating things that promote growth and enrich lives in organizations and communities.

Get Ready, 2011

We will live out our mission as much as possible this year. There are a few projects in the works that we will be writing about in the coming weeks. One of them was actually started last year with a “quiet” test run. I can’t wait to share the details with you about that one. Here’s a teaser: it has to do with a program we are starting to help deserving not-for-profits get a strong(er) presence online for as little cost as possible. It went pretty darn well last year!

Until then, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our feed or just bookmark our blog. We’ll be sure to get the word out about these awesome plans in every way we can.

Thanks for reading!