Influences Come in Many Different Forms

By William Kesling

Influences come in many different forms, from various experiences one has with a certain object, to a specific interaction with another person.

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These influences have sculpted us. Yet people tend to overlook the resources and information that surround us on a daily basis. Imagine if you truly absorbed knowledge from the people around you. No greater is the opportunity for that than embracing and becoming one with a team, whether that's with social friends, sports, or co-workers.

Within a working environment, it's the people who really make the difference. Being surrounded by individuals that are passionate and driven about their work not only reflects on the atmosphere but can promote better working habits for the entire office.

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For me, working in a creative environment like Focus Lab, there's not one moment where the energy level is low. Don't get me wrong, we work hard to deliver on time, but we get to the finish line in a very cooperative manner. Sometimes the day doesn't always end at 5 PM but may extend to a dinner or drink after work. That's where culture is built; being able to truly know the person that sits next to you.

Working in an industry where most projects involve working together makes knowing each otherâs skill sets that much more important. Discussions and brainstorming sessions are always fueled by a productive team that understands and knows one another. This eliminates all notions of bumping heads and offending one another with an opinion or thought. Knowing your team brings together a general understanding that something different and successful can be created.

Knowledge is something that can only be obtained and never taken from you. Surrounding yourself with people that you know, especially in a working environment, where you can learn from and work with, will not only better someone on a personal level, but will push them further in their career and craft.

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