How We Do: Custom Lettering

By William Kesling

Hey, I’m Will. I am helping capture moments at Focus Lab. The special moments, like at the recent inaugural company retreat, as well as the everyday moments of creative magic. Like this one.

Designer Sam Stratton has created a beautiful branding experience for an upcoming design conference (you’ll see it soon enough). I was asked to capture Matt Yow assisting Sam with the custom hand-inked lettering for the brand.

In first approaching this, I knew I wanted the viewer to feel like they were part of the entire creative process. When I work with motion and video I have the opportunity to instantly grab the viewers attention, and that’s why I conceptualized a more macro, up-close, jumpy style to this video.

In the end, Matt Yow did a great job creating a unique ink type, but it was my job to take that process and translate it into something someone could watch and enjoy. So… enjoy.