High Fives: A Toast to Dribbble

By Bill Kenney

We love Dribbble. Ok, that’s an understatement.

The fact of the matter is Dribbble alone helped grow our two-man company to a team of 14 in just a couple of years. And our Dribbble networking was likewise responsible for introducing us to some stellar clients and industry peers. Easily, half of our recent output is attributable in some way to our Dribbble presence. Last year alone, Dribbble leads accounted for $800k of our revenue. (If I’m being honest, it drives more potential than that; we’re limited in the amount of work we can take on.) We—and the greater design community—are blessed to access an affordable platform that can turn a couple hundred dollar membership investment into nearly $1 million in revenue. Other industries would kill to have an outlet like that. Forget that it’s actually fun to post and monitor.

So that brings me to: the point.

In an effort to thank our friends at Dribbble and show our tremendous appreciation for what they have unknowingly done for us, it is time to give back. Laser-cut wood and top-shelf alcohol seemed like the appropriate approach, so we got to work. After some investigative research, I tapped Susanna (wife of co-founder Rich) on the shoulder to find out the prefered booze at Dribbble HQ. Then we reached out to our friends at Tinkering Monkey to craft custom made gifts from the layout and look that we provided.

What you see below is a result of many people’s hard work and love for a group that has helped us so much. Special thanks to our super hero PM/photographer, Alicja, for knocking the photo shoot out of the park.

Thanks, Dribbble. Cheers!
- The Focus Lab Team