Focus on Fantasy

By Will Straughn

As the summer comes to an end and the fall is ushered in, it becomes one of my favorite times of year: Fantasy Football season.


After much lobbying I convinced the fine folks at Focus to join the first-annual "Focus on Fantasy" Fantasy Football league. Bonus: we had a few clients join in on the fun too.

If you've never played Fantasy Football before you are missing out on a vine-ripened experience of life. It not only makes watching every football game exciting, but allows you to talk smack as you crush your fellow co-workers like a grape in a mythical realm of professional football. Each person manages a team that is comprised of different players from NFL teams that are claimed from a season-opening draft. Each week you submit a starting lineup (or you’re lazy and forget, cough cough) and you go head-to-head against a different co-worker's team. The goal is to win as many matchups as possible, with hopes of making the playoffs. Then if you are lucky enough to have crafted a well-oiled machine and steamroll the playoffs, you will be crowned league champion.

Stay tuned for a end-of-season update, but I will share the current standings.

  1. Football The Meal (Chase) 10-1
  2. That's So Raven (Alex) 8-3
  3. Beef Baby (Will S) 7-4
  4. Right on Top of That Rose (Kellie/Summer) 6-5
  5. Made by Hydecar (Charley) 6-5
  6. Muscle shirts are for muscles (Shawn) 5-6
  7. Ship it Squirrels (Bill) 5-6
  8. DeflateBait (Shub) 5-6
  9. Cabis Margaritas (Andy C) 5-6
  10. Fought's Team (Andy F) 3-8
  11. LastNameAssFirstNameBad (Will K) 3-8
  12. The Angry Apertures (Alicja) 3-8