Documenting EE Projects

By Erik Reagan

Documentation is one of those things of which you don’t appreciate the value until you absolutely need the document itself. I think of it as a type of insurance to web projects; it’s the type of insurance you know you’ll need someday but you don’t necessarily want to invest in up front. Documentation is a form of risk management.

Documenting Projects Lead

Last October I gave a talk at EngineSummit discussing documenting your ExpressionEngine projects. I’ve written an article-version of the presentation for EE Insider. Head over and check it out if you missed the talk. I think this is really important stuff if you aren’t doing it. I’ve included the slides below as well.

Read The Dreaded Documentation on EE Insider

Presentation Slides

Notice the lack of completed branding in the slides :p. (Mobile device users can view a mobile version of the slides here.)