Clarity of Purpose Affords Focus

By Bill Kenney

Clarity is king. After seven years of business and growing a team I know this to be true. But it can’t always start that way; usually it doesn't.

Fl Clarity@2X

Because clarity comes out of the wins, losses, and all the mud in between, not everything has the chance to be clear from the beginning. It’s the mud, the battle wounds, and time put forth that give rise to revelations. Like an unknown sculpture hidden in a block of marble  not until you begin to chip away are you able to see what’s inside. Once clarity is gained, it leads the way. It helps to guide us. We find focus. 

Clarity affords focus.

Thomas Leonard

We’ve added more clarity this year at Focus Lab in the form of company values. After seven years of chipping away stone, our purpose is clearer because we have a better view of what makes us tick. So sitting on an old wooden bench by the river in Savannah, Georgia, my business partner and I set out to define who Focus Lab is. What it holds higher than all else. What made us "us."

The resulting Core Values, which now serve as our guiding light, are separate and stand above our existing standards. They add clarity around every internal and external decision: from hiring, taking on new clients, building team members benefits, and overall company aim. Decisions will now be put up against our core values. And if they don’t fit, they are out.


Above all, Focus Lab values people. (That’s why it’s our first value.) When push comes to shove, we make decisions in people's best interests over financial gains and other business metrics. We have people-focused benefits, but it goes much deeper than that. From the core of everything we do, we enforce our standard of working to live. Never the opposite. Focus Lab team members can expect this value from the entire organization, not just leadership — and it is each team member's job to uphold this value with each other.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou


Beauty permeates everything we do. From visual design to communication, writing code, etc. We take pride in our variety of trades, and we succeed not by volume, but the craftsmanship of the work we do and solutions we propose. Focus Lab team members live for craftsmanship, not diluted efforts to produce “more.”

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.



We stay hungry. It’s easy to rest on your laurels when you reach new peaks, but Focus Lab is always driven. Even when we move slowly and methodically, we are always moving. Action drives progress. It’s not enough to have ideas: they must be discussed, owned, and acted on. No Focus Lab team member is intimidated to stand up for progress, much less lead the way.

Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.

Rosa Luxemburg

We are extremely happy with what we landed on. They’re meaningful and we believe in them wholeheartedly. We also know this is not where adding clarity ends. New gaps will arise, we'll keep learning, and additional clarity will be gained. But with these new values we have a north star to guide our decisions, easy or hard, so we can continue to grow.