Behind the Scenes: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

By Kellie Groover

First, a little Focus Lab history for you. For three years, resident photographer Alicja Colon has requested that our next Focus Lab team activity be a murder mystery dinner show. 2015 was her year.

20S 3

We finally conceded, but with a twist: we'd buy the game and put it on ourselves, with the team as the "actors" and the killer gasp among us.

Naturally, we went to the interwebs and asked for suggestions for great at-home murder mystery dinner parties, and came across, where we purchased the 1920s prohibition era, gangster themed "Murder at the Four Deuces." It was reasonably priced, and-bonus-they were available to chat if you had any questions about the game. Needless to say, Mary, the proprietor, and I are tight now, since I called her at least three or four times. As Chief Happiness Officer, my job, in this case, was putting on a murder mystery dinner… correctly.

The night of the party arrived and so did our dapper Focus Lab gangster crew. Our "Lab One" office was covered with lots of white, black, gold, and silver accents. All things sparkly were in excess, but the best decoration was our well-dressed team. Everyone got into character and the night was a complete riot. We had such a great time.. some of the superlatives of the evening included: Best Performer, Summer as Madam Meme; True Detective, Sam as Inspector Nutella; Best Dressed, Shub as Mary Toosteal; and Best Death, Erik as Jack "Greasy Thumbs" Guiseppi. I think there was also a superlative to whomever had the most cash at the end of the game, which went to Alex as Rhett Bumbler (what a crook, he totally swindled me over at the card table). I won't spoil the surprise if you end up purchasing this game, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Here's Jack "Greasy Thumbs" Guiseppi (the Accountant) pushing some numbers, obviously.

At the head of the table are our lovely hosts for the evening, Don Wannabe and Madam Meme. Thank you for the invitation to the grand opening of your new club!

The Senator's wife, Mary Toosteal and the Four Deuces' bartender, Tom Hops, stop for a quick pic. Where's the senator, Ms. Toosteal?

Oh, here he is... hanging out with the recently divorced Vicky Ravioli... scandalous...

The inspector stops by for a quick smoke and a drink.

Mary Toosteal and Madam Meme having a lovely conversation. What could they be plotting..?

Leader of the Black Hand Gang, Cash Steal, and his wife, Cassandra, show up to the Four Deuces for a drink and to mingle with the "right" crowd.

Little bit of card play happening near the bar. Watch out for Rhett Bumbler and Sly Sleaze though…

Oh, there was a murder? Let's have dinner.

The Baroness and Al Capone seem to be having a serious conversation, with Rebecca Ravioli listening in close by.

What could Mayor "Big Bill" Bumpkin and Hobart T. King be discussing? Funding Hobart's new western flick?

You can trust this face, right?

Bootlegger Henry Hooch surely must be looking for some financial backing…

This looks like a legit conversation. Nothing to see here.

The inspector presents the evidence, post dinner.

Tragically, the accountant is the second to be murdered. His wife, Guilda Guiseppi, is visibly distressed.

Things are getting real at the Four Deuces...

Well, if you're gonna go... do it in style. Don Wannabe is the third to get the ax.

And the Academy Award for Best Actress in a drama/comedy goes to his newly widowed wife, Madam Meme.

Al Capone's got you covered, Meme.

No worries, Meme, It looks like Tom Hops has you well taken care of, also.

"You never count your money... when you're sitting at the table..."

The Mayor knows.