A Glimpse into Our Partnership with 500px

By Chase Turberville

Today we celebrate with 500px the launch of their new brand.

500px partnered with us a few months ago to create a new logo/logotype around a larger brand experience that better communicates to a broader target audience and conveys the values behind the company. We thought it would be fun to show a few quick details before we get the full case study on the website.

Here’s a snippet from their introduction of the new brand:

Today is a big day for 500px, as we reveal our brand new logo, one that can continue to grow and adapt with us.

Clean, simple and articulate, the new logotype clearly communicates the 500px name and will be the one predominantly used in most applications. The mark is bold, demonstrative and more playful, with a pattern that evokes a fingerprint and animation that echoes the turn of a camera lens. It will be used in applications where its size and shape are advantageous, and may also be used as a design element.

500px also created a short video covering more of the design details. Check that out here:

We’ve had a blast partnering with 500px and are thrilled to have been a part of their story.