2017 Recap

By Bill Kenney

This is the time when we reflect before diving head first into the new year. Reflecting allows us to celebrate our victories, then discuss and work on our shortcomings. It’s extremely important for us to continue to grow and raise the bar for our clients and ourselves.

2018, here we come.

Our North Star(s)

It all starts with purpose. For years we’ve worked hard to live up to our company standards. Erik and I created these five years ago to help define who we are as a company and what we stand for. These standards have served our team well, but we recently realized we needed Core Values to sit above these. In 2017 we implemented and wholly embraced three new words that define Focus Lab.

People, Beauty, and Progress.

In the simplest way, these words define what is important to us, in order. If we get these three words right, we win. Read all about it here.  

We grew up—more

2016, although great, was a test-filled year. We had a handful of projects that REALLY challenged us. In those moments it’s hard to see the benefit or growth that will come, but in 2017 it was clear as day. This year was a year of bringing our new knowledge, confidence, patience, etc. to the table. We crushed on all levels and it proved that we should embrace the challenges when they come. They are how we grow.

Growth and comfort do not coexist.

Ginni Rometty

We also grew in size. Our team is now 21 strong and more in sync than ever. We are a people-first company, and one of my greatest joys is seeing our team grow while maintaining the culture that is Focus Lab.

Variety is the key to life

Something we strive for at Focus Lab is a variety of work. It keeps things interesting. It stretches us mentally and brings new life to each project. In 2017 we were extremely proud to bring value to such a wide group of people. From mega tech companies like Outreach to family-owned taco joints in San Francisco. We worked with rings that unlock cars, with a craft brewery run by military veterans, and back to the tech world in NYC to rebrand Braze (formerly AppBoy). We helped Storybots refresh their brand, then completely designed their new UI. We rebranded a beach arcade in Delaware, crafted a new messaging language for Weebly in L.A., and a complex new app interface for HitLabs in Salt Lake City. We touched a lot of stuff, in a lot of places.

Our services joined the party as well. Motion + Video became a full-fledged service at Focus Lab. We built a new internal team that tackles all things creative around visual expression. From staged photo shoots to paper illustrations, stop-motion video, etc. More than just visuals, our communications service matured to a more robust offering.

Design is more than pixels — it’s the whole ecosystem. We are excited to bring a more complete value offering to our clients.  

Don’t just take our word for it…

We love what we do, and nothing feels better than getting words of love at the end of a project. Here are just a few of those moments from last year.

We can't imagine better hands for our redesign than Team Focus!

Greg Spiridellis, CEO of StoryBots/JibJab

The team at Focus Lab is terrific with communication, creativity, speed, and accepting and interpreting critical feedback and turning it into something amazing. A team like theirs is tough to find.

Zach Mangum, CEO of HitLabs

The best designers are the ones that can interpret your vision, brand, or story and create a final product that is beyond what you imagined. The Focus Lab team has a genuine excitement for design.

Meredith Sutton, Creative Marketing Director of Service Brewing

Sit back and watch. 2018, here we come.