2013 Recap

By Erik Reagan

It’s time to ring in another New Year. I don’t know about you, but I’m still occasionally putting 2012 down on paper. (Literally, Bill put 2012 on the cover of a photobook holiday gift. Doh.)

Where did 2013 go?! Oh, wait, I can answer that…

We’ve made it a habit to spend a little time reflecting at each year’s end and setting the tone for the year to come (see 2011 Recap and 2012 Recap). Warning: this has been our biggest year ever. Accordingly, this could be a lengthy post. So sit back, put your feet up, grab some eggnog, and let us take you back through the year.

But first (drumroll)… a hearty THANK YOU. To our clients for opening up to us, putting their faith in our results, and for challenging us to do our best work. To our readership/followers for listening to our ramblings, providing feedback, and letting us know that you’re out there. To our families at home who miss us some nights and invite the whole stinkin’ team over on others. And to everyone on our team for giving it their all, learning from and teaching one another, and making it so dang fun to go to work each day.


We had some seriously major milestones this year. Seriously major. For one, we expanded into a fresh, sleek new office space. Customized to suit our growing needs, the space is more than 10 times larger than our early nest at ThincSavannah. We talked about it once or twice. And we threw a killer party.

Around the same time that we updated our digs, we also updated our website. The new and improved site includes an updated portfolio of work, a full description of our team in all it’s glory, and a look at the array of services we provide (imagine that). Among other shiny new features.

Another measure of our growth that we’re proud of is the addition of three new team members: Sam in March, Rocky in June, and Summer in August. Their contributions have further enhanced our offerings, processes, and the quality of our end products, not to mention the positive contributions to the interdynamics of this already awesome and cohesive team. Ten strong and growing. (Spoiler alert: We aim to add at least five more to the fam in the next twelve months.)

On growth numbers, we set a 2013 goal at the end of last year to reach 100% growth in gross revenue. We reached 150%. That’s nuts. And a testament to our awesome, growing team. Website traffic has more than doubled on average since our recent site launch. The average time on site per visitor has increased substantially as well. On the day of our launch we had over 10K unique visitors, which pleasantly surprised us.


One of our goals for this year was to participate in more speaking engagements. Another was to ‘never stop learning’. We made good on both in 2013, attending a collective total of 26 conferences, sponsoring five of those, and presenting at one.

A new father again, I was unable to travel to the 2013 ExpressionEngine Conference in person but delivered a presentation via video called Building a Web Shop for Success. Jonathan was on the ground in Portland to report that the lecture was well-received. Should you have a interest in the business principles and tips shared, you can check it out here.

At the summer’s end, the whole design team headed to Dallas for the Circles Conference, which featured numerous talented leaders in the industry. Their inspirational lectures and best practices motivated the team, as did time networking (and paintballing) with design colleagues.

Leadercast took our leadership team by storm, with powerful messages delivered by revered leaders across an array of industries. These messages underscored the vital role of Focus Lab leaders in cultivating the talents and strength of their staff. And the level of engagement necessary to grow the company.

We also made it out to Laracon in DC, Valio in California, CreativeSouth in Columbus, GA, our local TEDx, EEUK, the online Engine Summit, and the first annual Digital Project Management Summit in Philadelphia. Whew, that’s alot of going places (and that doesn’t even touch on client trips).


We worked with some really exciting clients this year — from cool tech startups to online maternity wear to financial management companies and educational upstarts. We’ve worked with clients from six countries globally, including Australia, Canada, England, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Have a looksee at a glimpse of the portfolio of Focus Lab work from 2013…

Goals For 2014

Last year we introduced the idea of company, team, and individual goals. This year we are continuing in that tradition, having experienced some collective and individual success with goal setting in 2013.

A few examples of company goals for 2014: - 60% year-over-year growth (doubling gets a lot harder when the numbers grow :) ) - Continue to sponsor and promote events that encourage growth and learning within our industry. - Continue to create a learning environment for our team, incentivizing educational pursuits.

I’m incredibly excited about our complete list of goals for next year. We’re pushing ourselves to be a better company, be better teams within the company and be better as individuals as well. It will be challenging but undoubtedly worth the ride.

Well. That about sums it up. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this fan-flippin’-tastic year. We’re overjoyed. In closing, we’d like to wish each of you a very happy holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy some time off with friends and family as you’re able, and get ready for another year.

May 2014 be a year of accomplishment, joy, and great experiences! We’ll see you on the flip-side.