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Ted Todd Insurance has been a favorite long-time client, so when we heard they were officially expanding into Georgia, our team jumped at the opportunity to partner with them again. For TTI, this expansion into a new market also signaled the need for a larger team. However, they wanted to make sure that they intentionally attracted the right team members for their new Atlanta branch. Our goal was to craft a recruitment film that conveyed their people-driven culture while also speaking to a brand that’s pushing the norm within its competitive space—Insurance.

Several rounds of concepting, storyboarding, and location scouting preceded our three-day, on-location shoot in Atlanta. During production, in order to showcase and define what truly sets TTI apart from their competitors, we chose to lean heavily on employee testimonials. Our intention was to infuse a sense of authenticity, humanity, and vulnerability through both the edit and in how the scenes were filmed, particularly with the team interviews. The objective was to put a human face on, what many feel to be, an apathetic industry. We broke this stereotype by crafting two additional spotlight films that highlighted real team members who could accurately speak to how working at TTI has positively impacted them.

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We were blown away with the filming experience and the overall production value provided by Focus Lab. The partnership was fluid and flexible when it needed to be, and more assertively directed when the time called for it.

Charley Todd, CEO
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Tti Bts 3
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The team created two additional spotlight films to further showcase the differentiators that set TTI apart from their competitors. Time was taken to get to know each spotlight principle, and better understand their own unique stories in order for us to drive their narratives in short, one-minute social films.

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We felt very much part of a collaborative effort but ultimately guided by a team that had credibility and authority in establishing the right tone and voice for our company. The final video was beyond our expectations and I can’t wait to shoot with Focus Lab again!

Charley Todd, CEO
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