Token was already making waves on the wearable technology scene when they partnered with Focus Lab for a new brand and website. The hype is well-founded: their debut product—a chic ring that secures the wearer’s identity on a platform of biometrics and cryptography—replaces the need for keys, cards, and passwords. With a few simple gestures, nearly every point of access in the wearer’s day-to-day world is at their instant and exclusive bidding.

Token unifies the way you prove your identity - live free of keys, cards, badges and passwords.

Token Wide

We were thrilled at the chance to capture the magic of Token. During brand strategy, we identified the importance of revealing Token's intricate technology and lifestyle craftsmanship through visual and verbal simplicity. To underpin their category-making position, we targeted a brand and UX/UI experience that would elevate the ring’s beautiful, minimal design, while stoking aspirations for a curated lifestyle.

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To punctuate the visual system, we created a minimal, iconic mark to serve as a stamp—a sign of sophistication and technological innovation that could play well both physically and digitally. We paired the mark with a balanced wordmark that edges simplicity and refinement with a visionary tech lining. Finally, a subtle, unsaturated color palette added maturity and prevented against sterility and coldness.

High-fashion-lifestyle vibes were the goal in creating photography styles. Adhering to the visual brand pillars of beauty, boldness, and minimalism, we defined an iconic primary style, with supporting styles that would allow Token to expand their narrative as they continued to innovate new products and grow their brand-partner network.   

Token is on a mission to deliver people a unified way to identify themselves to the world.

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They laid the pivotal groundwork for our brand's messaging, visual identity, creative positioning, and look & feel. We couldn't be more grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them on this rebrand.

Eric Mogil, Token CMO

In the spirit of science writer Arthur C. Clarke’s statement that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” we helped Token capture and unveil the magic of their technology through words. Together, we shaped a verbal identity that exudes relaxed sophistication and quality without snobbery. That meant, for instance, finding creative ways to replace complicated language; like making security features relatable and understandable. Meanwhile, the key message hierarchy we created captured their category-making position, along with the convenience, identity, and security stories. Then we brought it all together with copywriting on the new website.

Billboard Kes

Designing motion graphics for Token hinged on demonstrating seamless sophistication via technological wizardry. Supporting the product story was key: we created the illusion of shooting through multiple doors in one gesture.


Focus Lab has exceeded all of our expectations and helped us communicate the value of our brand in a timeless and elevated way. Most importantly, the people at Focus Lab are some of the most creative, fun, and awesome people we've ever worked with.

Melanie Shapiro, Token Founder & CEO