Focus Motion Reel

Focus Motion Reel

The animation work that Focus Lab created for us significantly helped propel our brand. The customer experience of our brand and depth of detail in our videos accomplishes more than any static design could ever hope to.

Kevin Jackson, Design Director at Stitch Data

Each motion project begins with one-on-one personal interaction with the client to help in understanding their wants and needs. We concept around several ideas, complete with laying out mood boards and storyboarding. Internally, we'll pull together copywriting and sound design for projects with these requirements. A fleshed-out visual idea is can be presented through a variety of platforms, depending on which means best suit the project and client.

Process W  Type
Animation Process : Concepting / Storyboarding / Script Writing / Animation


Magic in 10 seconds or less, a brand bumper can do so much in such a small window. Think of how the Netflix logo reveals before each new episode, or how the Apple logo reveals every-time you open your phone. We work to add emphasis while visually defining the brand story through a professional, insightful animated perspective.

Example of Several Brand Bumpers

Final Token Motion Bumper

Final Moove It Motion Bumper

Final Braze Motion Bumper

Proposed Jomo Motion Bumper


Our in-house production studio is proficient in the production of Film, Photography, Animation, and Visual Art. Our Animation marketing material spans promotional brand launches, awareness campaigns, and creation of social promotional content.

You guys absolutely KILLED IT with this video and I couldn't be more proud to have you as our trusted partners. #FocusLab4Life

Sarah Kennedy, CMO at Marketo
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Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit opening conference video

Sized Port Head
Type Example
Final Promotion Video For Proletar Typeface

Fuerte Header
Untitled 1
Full promotion Video for Fuerte Campaign

Port Header
Serverless Process 1@2X
Proposed Brand Teaser for Serverless

Telling the full story consists of an in-depth storyline underlined by a concept that emboldens a company while complementing their brand. Our process typically includes extensive storyboards, scripts, sound design, and production. Films that tell the full story can strategically springboard a company's mission or product for their prospective demographic.

Up Level Header Gray
Overview Papers
Sketch To Digetal
Computer Screens

We worked closely with the Uplevel team to craft a script that not only told an engaging story, but emphasized the company’s mission. We worked through several drafts and a voice actor to get the correct sound and verbiage. This particular video was meant to help drive interest and traffic to the company’s website and product.

Paper Script
Square Scriptsm 1
Corkboard Ang Sm

We feel like the video hits all of our requirements and will be an amazing asset to our brand!

Tamim Khan, CMO at Uplevel
Uplevel's Full Length Video