Stitch Data

Meet Stitch, a simple, powerful ETL service built for developers. In addition to introducing a new product to the world (and a very competitive industry), our challenge was to tell the data story in an approachable way and to combine a feeling of authority with a small hint of playfulness.

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Focus Lab collaborated with Stitch to produce a comprehensive brand experience that harkens trustworthy-professional-tech energy, hedged with approachability for mass appeal. We set Stitch apart from a competitive industry via a unique color palette, exploration of powerful but modest type treatments, and mark concepts that avoid data clichés. The system as a whole is simple and enduring for a long brand trajectory.

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I was skeptical about outsourcing something as core as our brand, but the success of this project and the partnership we developed with the Focus team has changed the way I think about working with agencies.

Jake Stein, CEO / Co-Founder, Stitch Data
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Focus Lab kept our insanely tight deadline on track with a fun, open, and collaborative process. The result was an amazing brand identity that we’re super proud of.

Kevin Jackson, Design Director, Stitch
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