Pinsa is the first fast-casual Romano pizzeria in the US serving authentic ancient Roman pizza, known as pinsas. They are known for fresh, quality ingredients, and quality customer experiences.

They approached Focus Lab in need of a dynamic, comprehensive brand system that would convey energy, personality, quality, and food ethos. The brand likewise needed to convey authenticity—real people, real food, real purpose—and harken storytelling from the Roman pinsa experience.

To visually differentiate from other pizzerias or healthy fast casual choices, and to infuse personality, we investigated script logotypes. We explored various type approaches and combinations for a typographically robust brand system. A rich array of illustrations were created to capture personality and energy, and to tell the story of the pinsa.

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We loved the thorough research! I think with the overall strategy presented we're poised to be differentiated from the competition. Overall, we're impressed!

Caleb Markowitz, Co-founder
Pinsa Bc
Pinsa Sign

Copy & Tagline: As Americans increasingly crave once-cultural anomalies (like Greek yogurt, taquerias, Cuban coffee, etc.), we knew the significance and origins of the pinsa were vital to the customer experience. We built a brand story and voice around this message of authenticity. And we infused the copy and tagline with the high-energy of the overall brand.

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Illustrations & Lettering: The personality of the brand comes through in full force with lively illustrations and lettering. The brand experience is packed with witty, fun lettered phrases like “Pizza Is Life” and illustration concepts like “Neptune emerging from the water... with a pizza.”

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Foodservice Packaging: The personality of Pinsa needed to thrive in the hands of the customer. From the cups to the pizza box, we adorned the packaging—cups, pizza boxes, napkins, and to-go bags—with all the storytelling, energy, and wit that the brand had to offer.

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