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For us, every great photography project is rooted in great communication, so we start with personal, one-on-one contact with each client. Once we understand their wants and needs, we concept around several ideas, sketching, making mood boards, and creating a shoot deck to bring those ideas to life. 

When it comes to the shoots themselves, we’re perfectionists. To sculpt the ideal scene, we scout locations and talent, pull or create props, and design wardrobe decks. Every shoot is unique, specific to the idea—and the brand—at its heart. That includes brands that don’t center around a physical product. To us, those stories are just as compelling to tell through photography.

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Whether we're working with a B2B software start-up, a high-end beauty brand, or a marketing campaign, we love telling stories through in-studio photography. There, the sky’s the limit. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

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Photography has the ability to bring a brand to life. A photo makes it real.

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Telling your brand story through photography can be as abstract or as literal as you need.

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Just make the photos look like the Hotline Bling music video.

Sarah Siwak - D2C Software Founder
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Who said headshots had to be boring?

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In today's product culture, having an online presence is critical. We want to ensure that products are represented accurately and that they convey the story of your brand. 

Enter product photography, a great way to show your personality on sites, through social media, and in marketing campaigns.

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F#$@ me sideways these photos are amazing. So many good feels rn.

Charley Todd, Via Citrus CEO
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IN LOVE. These are beyond perfect and I'm so excited to get everything up!

Liz Eichholz, Creative Director of Weezie Towels
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Who says your photos can't move?

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The Focus Lab team has a genuine excitement for their work. They kicked off our project with great communication and kept us up to date throughout the entire process.

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Lifestyle photography showcases a space, your team culture, or your product in its natural environment. And if the native environment isn’t quite right, we’ll scout the place that is. If it means telling your story better, we’ll work with you to discover locations, since a sense of rightness and approachability is what lifestyle photography is about.

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I can tell you gave this a lot of thought because everything is so simple and intuitive—and that usually takes a lot of time, energy, and focus to make it all ‘click.’ Great job.

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