Peachy brings a fresh face to insurance, with a team that uniquely understands the needs and concerns of the modern family.

While their expertise in the industry is familiar, their approach is wholly unique. They wanted to start fresh, with a different energy that conveys the departure that Peachy offers from the insurance status quo.

Peachy offers a new outlook on insurance and appeals to a younger audience that is accustomed to brands with approachable personalities. We wanted to convey an identity that felt caring, loving, warm, lighthearted, optimistic, enjoyable, and protective: a huge departure from the current industry landscape.

Peachy offers a new face of insurance and needed an identity bright enough to shine a light through customer’s previous experiences with insurance.

Our brand strategy process uncovered that Peachy wanted to appeal to Gen XYZ consumers who are interested in customer service, transparency, and ease of use.

While not always possible to express visually, the brand identity system needed to convey Peachy’s brand personality attributes of Modern, Relatable, and Trusted.

Every bit of the project was done with brand strategy guiding every decision so that Peachy remains in a position of advantage.

Peachy Strategy2600V3

Peachy came to Focus Lab because they’re challenging the insurance status quo and needed a name to match. Our naming process produced hundreds of names, culminating in a handful of top candidates.

"Peachy" captures the warm and lighthearted personality of a brand dedicated to changing the face of insurance.

Peachy Nameexplo
Peachy Namefinal

Peachy's logotype is based on ITC Grouch. Originally designed in the 70s, each letterform was redrawn to update it for today's digital landscape and to increase ownability.

No mark? With Peachy, our strategic decision was that any sort of mark would be at odds with the name. It’s much easier for an audience to become familiar with a logotype-driven brand since any new visual element—like a logo—must first be learned.

Peachy Logotypeexplo Navy2
Peachy Logotypeedit

For Peachy, we needed a color palette that felt familiar and trusted yet modern and fresh. We borrowed the red and blue from traditional color palettes for familiarity, but added peach for modernity.

Peachy Colorpalettewht 01

Over the course of the project, Peachy the Bear evolved into Peachy the Dog, as she expressed loyalty, relatability, and trustworthiness—all attributes Peachy insurance embodies. Like Peachy Insurance, your pup is always right by your side when you need them.

Peachy Bearexplo2
Peachy Bear1300
Peachy Dogsketchpnk
Peachy Sketch
Peachy Mascot Final

We built a coherent brand system to carry that welcoming warmth throughout every aspect of Peachy. For typefaces, ITC Clearface's quirkiness, warmth, and vintage charm added the perfect amount of friendliness to the brand, while Ideal Sans offered support for body copy.

Peachy Posters2

The final brand direction lended itself perfectly to illustrations, but our challenge was to define an illustration style that stood out in Peachy’s industry while staying true to our strategic direction.

A hand-drawn illustration style conveys friendliness and approachability, which aligns perfectly with Peachy’s brand voice.

Peachy Sketchphoto2
Peachy Couchillo
Peachy Iphone1300
Peachy Brochure1300
Peachy Guidelines Grid 2600

Focus Lab took our branding to another level. But more than all the actual work that was done, the process of collaborating with the experts at Focus Lab is what I valued the most.

Charley Todd, Founder, Peachy Insurance
Peachy Storefront